The beginning of a new year.  The chance to hit that reset button.  More resolutions to make.  More resolutions to eventually fade.

I’m feeling particularly energized for 2013. ¬†I’m staring at a VERY BIG to-do list from a career perspective this year. ¬†It’s gonna be fun, busy, challenging, difficult, stressful, rewarding…you know, the usual roller-coaster ride of self-employment.

It all starts with Snoloha.  And it branches out from there.

Snoloha has officially become much more than a clothing brand. ¬†I am ‘stoked’, as the kids say, about this.

So in addition to casual and relaxed gear for you to wear while escaping reality every once in a while, here’s what’s a happenin’:

  • Snoloha is the official clothing and escapism partner of Bay Breeze Yacht Charters and Sailing School. ¬†Not only does this mean we will be working closer together, including a full Snoloha & Unsalted Sailing retail presence at Bay Breeze, but you will also see yours truly playing a more pivotal role within the Bay Breeze Crew.
  • With this Bay Breeze relationship also comes the development of Snoloha Caribbean Charters. ¬†This will take a little time to grow, but all the pieces are there. ¬†We have all the knowledge and experience to work with you every step of the way to booking that dream vacation you keep thinking about. ¬†This is the ultimate escapism plan.
  • I’m working on the next Snoloha Radio Show¬†in conjunction with my buddy Jim from The Shore Radio. ¬†The first one was a little rough. ¬†I learned a lot. ¬†The goal is a new show at least every 2 weeks. ¬†That means doing 26 Snoloha Radio Shows in 2013. ¬†Oh baby.
  • Unsalted Sailing – Inspired by the Great Lakes and brought to you by Snoloha and Bay Breeze – continues to grow. ¬†Without Snoloha, and everything this brand has given me, Unsalted Sailing would not be possible. We go to Chicago for Strictly Sail this month and then to the Grand Rapids Boat Show in February.
  • Build a Snomon. ¬†I Donate. ¬†You Could Win. ¬†This is just a fun promo. ¬†I hope you are able to participate. ¬†It could very well flop. ¬†But oh well, one thing I’ve gotten over and learned…I won’t know unless I put it out there. ¬†Better to know if something won’t work, than to never know at all.
  • Trop Rock’n. ¬†I’m not sure how this will play out yet. ¬†But I’m trying to figure a way to work more closely with some of my favorite artists, and who have also expressed an interest in working with Snoloha. ¬†Stand by…
  • Snoloha Licensing and Partnerships. ¬†This is a world all it’s own. ¬†Some days it scares the hell out of me. ¬†Other days it makes perfect sense.
  • Living on Snoloha Time (LOST) – I’ve already started working with Joe the Designer on a new logo for this. ¬†I won’t get into all the gory details now, but this concept will entail an entirely separate website based completely on ESCAPISM. ¬†Should be cool.

 Keep Calm and Snoloha On


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