This little “Build a SnoMon” promo has not really taken off like I hoped it would.  Oh well.

So here’s the deal, I’ll sweeten the pot a little:

For every SnoMon photo posted I’ll still donate a Snoloha t-shirt to a local organization that helps distribute clothing to those in need.

Here’s the sweetener…for every photo uploaded YOU GET the Snoloha SnoMon t-shirt FREE!

How’s that?!  Build a SnoMon, Get a SnoMon (t-shirt…while supplies last!)

Post the photos on Facebook (or email em to me –

So what makes an ordinary snowman a SnoMon?  All you gotta do is ‘Snoloha it up’ a bit — leis, straw hats, flowered shirts…you get the idea.  Be creative.




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