Winter is officially here.  It’s ski season, snowboard season, snowshoe season, snowmobile season, cross country season…and SnoMon building season!

Here’s the deal:

Build your own SnoMon, post it on Facebook.  For every SnoMon photo posted I’ll donate a Snoloha t-shirt to a local organization that helps distribute clothing to those in need.  And for every photo uploaded, you get a chance to win the Snoloha SnoMon t-shirt.  Winners will be chosen by yours truly, and the number of winners, well it simply depends on the participation.  And if you’re one of the remaining holdouts to join Facebook (good for you!), you can email  your SnoMon photos to me – rod [at] snoloha [dot] com.

What’s the deadline?  Let’s shoot for end of January.  That’s more than a month.  The kids will be home on break, put ’em to work while you sip coffee inside and micro-manage.

So what makes an ordinary snowman a SnoMon?  All you gotta do is ‘Snoloha it up’ a bit — leis, straw hats, flowered shirts…you get the idea.  Be creative.  Besides, all you gotta do is come up with concept…then delegate the job to the rug-rats.

Here’s mine.  That’s one t-shirt so far.  Help me give away some more!






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