Many of you already know the story behind the brand (if not, that handy link takes you there) and that the 45thParallel Sign, which marks the halfway point between the Equator and the North Pole, is half of the reason I’ve got myself into this mess of owning an escapism brand. ┬áThe other half is Bolongo Bay.

I love living on the 45th Parallel line (technically I’m just a bit south of the 45th, “somewhere between the islands and the arctic”). ┬áThough Mother Nature has been a bit┬átemperamental lately (low water levels, inconsistent snowfall, stock market like changes in temperatures) we still enjoy four seasons of beautiful scenery and outdoor activities…a continued inspiration for Snoloha.

Recently I heard a song from Jambo Joe Bones that struck a chord with me — “Keep an Ocean Mind”. ┬áJambo Joe Bones is a Trop Rock artist from the Great Lakes State of Wisconsin.

This song really hits the nail on the head. ┬áThough we love life here somewhere between the islands and the arctic, eventually winter wears on you and it’s time to think about a little warm weather escapism…time to “Keep an Ocean Mind”.

Give it a read, and a listen below. ┬áI think you’ll enjoy…if so, here’s the iTunes┬álink to purchase.

Thanks again Jambo Joe, for sending me the lyrics.

Keep an Ocean Mind
┬ę Jambo Joe Bones

I live on the 45th Parallel Line
In the Great Midwest, and I think that’s just fine
But today my brain is froze, I’m blinded by the snow
I need a break, but I can’t escape, ’cause I can’t afford to go…

So I try to keep an ocean mind
With the salty breeze, and the sun shinin’ all the time
Down where the party goes on forever, and the road finally ends
That’s what’s inside… that’s what’s inside my ocean mind

I was born in the woods while the leaves were changin’ color
I think the beauty of the Fall up north is like no other
But the first time I stepped in the sea, It poured right into me
It pulled me in, brings me back again, I need to get down to the beach…


Well a week on the beach would sure feel alright
But I’m hangin’ tough on the 45th parallel line




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  1. As fellow Jambo fans and with your 45th Parallel thing, maybe you’re already aware of this but if not, here comes awareness… About 1 mile from my house, and maybe 15 from Jambos, has sprung up a few short years ago a wonderful little distillery, name based on their flagship vodka (but now also making several other high end liquors), 45th Parallel. Here’s a link to their site (not sure yet if I’ll link Facebook or commercial site… OK, one for the vodka itself and one for the distillery, both FB): and

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