I’ve always enjoyed blogging to give you an inside look at the world of Snoloha, and […]
Since I announced the SnoMon & Friends project, I’ve had a few people inquire what the […]
It was August 28, 2006…so 8 1/2 years ago.  That sounds like a long, long time.  […]
SnoMon, Irie and Paxton — three amigos, with very different backgrounds and personalities, figuring out life […]
Introducing “Irie the Monkey”. A stressed-out, neurotic, banana-addicted monkey who was raised in Jamaica. He badly […]
I’ve suddenly found myself with a handful of snow globes around the house.  That’s what happens […]
You might call it evolution – growing up – learning – pivoting – developing – tacking […]
Recently you were introduced to Paxton, SnoMon’s ‘motivationally challenged’ penguin buddy. People seemed to be intrigued […]
There’s snow on the ground here in Traverse City, Michigan. That means a number of things: […]
You didn’t think SnoMon lived a solo, lonely existence…did you? Nope.  SnoMon has quite the full […]
Self-imposed deadlines that are not met and a new website not allowing you to purchase new […]
As you already know (or perhaps you don’t), SnoMon is back and is under contract with […]