As you already know (or perhaps you don’t), SnoMon is back and is under contract with Snoloha.  He signed a ludicrous longterm deal with a guaranteed salary, a bonus structure based on performance,  royalties for perpetuity and final say on any Snoloha marketing and products bearing his resemblance.  He has an excellent agent…and I’m a horrible negotiator.

One of the areas that SnoMon was more than willing to help, and had absolutely zero restrictions, was anything related to helping kids.  He has a big giant snowflake soft spot in his heart for kids.  He thinks all kids should know the pure joy of playing in the snow with their family.   And he also knows that for some…that may be not be possible.  For some…life may have thrown them a serious curve ball.  For some…it just doesn’t seem fair.

That’s why I’m excited to announce the BUY. BUILD. BELIEVE. project.

  1. BUY Snoloha online at When your order appears, use the Snoloha Lei and instructions provided to…
  2. BUILD a SnoMon. Take a photo. Share via email, social media, hashtag #SnoMon
  3. BELIEVE you can make a difference. $5 per SnoMon built and shared will go to the Snoloha Slush Fund. This Slush Fund will be used to support Little Angel Jenna, a 4 year old little girl from here in northern Michigan who is fighting brain cancer.  Learn more about Jenna on Facebook and Fundrazr.

*My wife went to school with family of Jenna’s, which is how I learned about this.  And having a little daughter of my own….well this hit home pretty hard.  I have been in contact with a family representative to get their blessing on this project.  I do not know the family, but I cannot imagine what they are going through.  

*Spread the SnoMon Love*

Tell your friends and family about Building a SnoMon. Even if they don’t buy Snoloha gear, we will still add $1 to the slush fund if they share photos of their SnoMons.

So this is all dependent on Mother Nature delivering snow?

Not really.  You see, a ‘SnoMon’ can be any structure resembling a snowman with a TROPICAL TWIST and one cool personality (sand, those round styrofoam balls, paper mâché, play dough, etc).

Be creative,  Have fun.  Get the kids involved.

Here’s a SnoMon that Banana and I built.







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