The development of SnoMon continues to take shape.  It’s fun.  I hope he makes the impact that I envision him making.

Right now I am in the process of putting together the BUY. BUILD. BELIEVE. program.  The overall concept has taken shape, now it’s putting together the details.

SnoMon PatchSnoMon patches have been approved and should be arriving in a couple weeks.  These are the start to new products coming in November, including noggin’ wear and work shirts.

The SnoMon artwork (seen below) is the first in a series of designs that we are working on.  These are going to be available as canvas prints, and they are also going to be incorporated into this 2014 project that I’m still trying to get my head around.

Those SnoMon feet you see above…they’ll be part of an ongoing “SnoMon was here” series of graphics that will most likely end up on a t-shirt.

And then there is the a “Case of the SnoMonDays” idea.

The creative process of launching a new idea is a ton of fun.  Putting it all together and actually launching and sharing with the world to see is the hard part.  I think that’s the part where people get the most scared as well, and as a result never make it happen — “what will people think?  what if is fails?  what if it works? what if? what if? what if?”

I’ve gotten over most of the “what if’s?”…not all of them, but most of them.  I really don’t care what most people think…as long as the Snoloha customer likes it, that is all that matters.  And if it doesn’t work?  Oh well, I tried.  And now I know.

I wonder, ‘What would SnoMon do?”





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