It was August 28, 2006…so 8 1/2 years ago. ¬†That sounds like a long, long time.¬† ¬†Heck, Snoloha was a newborn, we were renting a house,¬†I was not yet married, I was fresh into my 30’s and not¬†a grey atop my noggin’.

Today?¬†¬†A¬†4 1/2 year old daughter, a homeowner,¬†married, 40 years old…with grey hairs. Yup, that WAS a long, long time ago.

Anyway…on that day,¬†I sent an email to my good friend Larry with an idea for a Snoloha t-shirt design — a snowman laying in a hammock between a couple palm trees. ¬†I decided to name him ‘SnoMon’. ¬†This is what that first simple design looked like:


It sold pretty well. ¬†People seemed to like ‘SnoMon’.

As Snoloha continued to grow and evolve (as did I), SnoMon made a couple appearances every now and then. ¬†SnoMon also began to grow¬†an evolve, but it was mostly as a vision in my head and via conversations with Larry.¬† And as I finally came to the realization last year¬†that ¬†I just didn’t want to peddle t-shirts any longer, it all started making more sense, and¬†we turned SnoMon¬†into this:


But…SnoMon is just way to cool for a simple 2D illustration…so¬†we turned him into this:


That’s right…SnoMon is going 3D.

For the past few months we have been working on this new project that we are excited to finally announce…SnoMon & Friends:

SnoMon & Friends

Talk about a departure from t-shirts.  This is an all out character development and story driven adventure that we are about to go on.

We’ve sunk our heart and souls into the initial concepts, stories¬†and personalities.

So now what?

If you’d like to come along for the ride, watch each character as they are unveiled in their 3D versions,¬†get a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at the development and experience SnoMon & Friends as the ‘clumsily figure out life, one misstep at a time’…here are your options:

So what exactly does this ‘ride’ look like?

In my head it’s crystal clear, but to try and explain it…you’d just shake your head and wonder ‘what is he thinking?’

That’s why you’ll want to follow along, I can promise it’s nothing like you’re imagining…that’s my hope, at least.

If you’d rather not go along for the ride, then simply hit that ‘unsubscribe’ button and this will end up being the last email you receive from me. ¬†No hard feelings.

So for now, check out the site and start getting to know the characters…and stand by for more misadventures from SnoMon & his Friends as they ‘Clumsily figure out life, one misstep at a time.’

As always…thanks for the support.





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