SnoMon, Irie and Paxton — three amigos, with very different backgrounds and personalities, figuring out life one clumsy step at a time.


SnoMon is the official spokesperson for Snoloha and is the glue that holds these three together.

He’s comfortable in his own snow, care-free, laid-back and happy-go-lucky.  He’s got an adventurous curiosity about him, he’s easily amused, and has a chameleon like ability to adapt to any situation…always cool, calm and collected.  He’s afraid of cubicles and the what he calls the ‘Frosty Effect’ (more on this later), has a huge crush on Shania Twain, loves Al Roker and Brian Setzer.

One thing that eludes SnoMon and constantly weighs on his mind is learning where he’s from.

Paxton the Penguin

An independently wealthy slacker penguin from Antarctica.  His family is royalty from the South Shetland Islands just off the coast of Antarctica, not far from the southern tip of South America.  The islands have been claimed by the United Kingdom since 1908 and have been part of the British Antarctic Territory since 1962.

He’s embarrassed by his wealth, and has a complex about always wearing a tuxedo that he feels portrays a certain aura of high-society upper-class that he is trying to hide from.  As a  result he often wears ridiculous Hawaiian print shirts to try and offset the constant look of pretentiousness that would come with wearing a tuxedo everyday.

Irie the Monkey

A stressed-out, neurotic, banana-addicted monkey who was raised in Jamaica. He badly wants to be what people think of when they think Jamaica. Unfortunately for Irie, he suffers from extreme neurosis and his given name that means ‘feeling positive’…he’s a walking contradiction.

Constantly worried, and always anxious, the only thing that calms him is his banana addiction. He’s also a thrill seeker. His neurotic energy drives him to act as if the entire world were his jungle. If he doesn’t have a banana, he’s seeking out an adrenaline fix. Simply put, he has an addictive personality and can’t sit still.

He drives SnoMon and Paxton nuts.





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