I’ve always enjoyed blogging to give you an inside look at the world of Snoloha, and I plan on doing the same with SnoMon & Friends.  Which, quite frankly, will probably be even more interesting to learn about…because I’m still learning.

It’s a funny thing, with Snoloha I was the brand.  It was ‘my baby‘.  I was known as “oh YOU’RE the Snoloha guy“.

With this new venture, though, I’m not alone.  Hell, if it was left to me, SnoMon & Friends would have been a two dimensional illustrated book.

Larry really is the brains behind pushing it to 3D. I had NO inclination to even consider that as even a remote possibility.

So it’s a very refreshing change creating SnoMon & Friends collaboratively.  I have a new found energy as a result.  It’s a learning process, yes.  But a very welcomed one.  I know without a doubt I could’t go down this path alone.  And I’m pretty damn sure this path leads to something MUCH bigger than we are both picturing.

I often say ‘I have to get it out of my head‘.  It’s great, because Larry has always been able to take this ‘idea‘ from my head and turn it into something with his creative touch that is so much better than what I had even imagined.  Furthermore, Larry has things he needs to get out of his head that he runs by me, and BAM! we end up with something that neither of us would have put together on our own.

It’s a process that I enjoy.

Paxton is nearly finished.  He started out way back in 2007(ish) as a design that Larry did on a whim just for the fun of it for Snoloha.  I didn’t have Paxton in my head, but he was a perfect fit for Snoloha.  However, I was never really able to do anything with him all these years, for a number of reasons.  Until now.  He is an even better fit.

We are hoping to unveil him next week.  I think you’ll dig him.  I’ll give you some more background on how he was developed as well…which has evolved into a pretty funny and interesting character thanks to this collaborative process.

I’m laughing just thinking about him and his nuances.

A book, though still a very real possibility, would not have been nearly as exciting if it were the only end result.  Between the two of us, there’s a LOT that we need to get out of our heads…we could probably fill a series of books.

I wonder if we could get a 2-for-1 deal on a shrink?




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