When the idea for Snoloha first came to me way back in March 2003, I sat […]
Tuition?  None. Accreditations?  Nope. Higher earning potential?  Perhaps. Increased ability to ESCAPE?  Yup. Required daydreaming? Affirmative. […]
There’s snow on the ground here in Traverse City, Michigan. That means a number of things: […]
What Was Happening? SnoMon, doing what he does best. This is the coolest Snoloha original piece […]
I’m working through some steps that I thought I’d share with you. Beginning this weekend, the […]
I’ve still got a handful of these lightweight zip hoodies in-stock.  They were a closeout deal […]
Growing up, I hunted a little.  The most recent hunting trip for me, was in my […]
Jimmy Buffett once said, “if you don’t write a song about your daughter, you will go […]
It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Jimmy Buffett…his music, his books, his Margaritaville […]
Eventually, it’s going to be t-shirt weather.  Eventually. And when t-shirt weather finally arrives, someday, don’t […]
Seriously, Don’t Do it! Wow…Am I now using the same reverse psychology tactics in marketing that […]
Making room for NEW Snoloha gear…which means unloading some ‘older’ stuff.  I love these shirts, but […]