Tuition?  None.

Accreditations?  Nope.

Higher earning potential?  Perhaps.

Increased ability to ESCAPE?  Yup.

Required daydreaming? Affirmative.

The University of Snoloha – College of Escapism and Daydreaming.

If you have successfully proven that you have mastered the ability to ESCAPE from the realities of everyday life now and then, you are eligible to purchase a University of Snoloha t-shirt AND you will receive your very own College of Escapism and Daydreaming degree to hang proudly and prominently.  And don’t forget to update your resume!

And if you have yet to master ESCAPISM, but you know you seriously need it in your life…your in luck, the eligibility requirements are extremely loose.

These are super soft and super comfy t-shirts, made of cotton, polyester and rayon.  And for the gals there is a scoop neck version.

Guys University of Snoloha

University of Snoloha

Gals University of Snoloha

University of Snoloha

University of Snoloha



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