When life gets hectic…it’s time for a little escapism.  A little ‘Living on Snoloha Time’.  A little 3 day sailing trip.

Before I ‘check out’ and shutoff the computer and all social networking and emailing (which is pure bliss), I thought I’d give a quick update on what’s happening behind the scenes.

First, the Trop Rock design has been very popular.  Our target date for the first round of shipping was June 1st.  Well…we are a little behind.  No, not because I’m going sailing.  Because my screen-printer got slammed  (with business, that is) and the Trop Rock order just got pushed back a bit.  It’s looking like all the shirts will be shipping next week!

The SnoWorries design size LARGE is SOLD OUT.  I’ll be working on this…after sailing.

That ‘idea’ that I had mentioned a while back (the one that came to me while sitting on the beach at Bolongo Bay in St. Thomas)…it’s still happening.  I’m still trying to figure out the details.  But it’ll be put into place….after sailing.

The search for a licensing company continues.  I’ve had a couple of productive conversations and some great interest in Snoloha Licensing, but I’m still working and learning quite a bit about this industry (which I think is exactly where Snoloha needs to be) and I’ll continue down this path…after sailing

My ‘improved’ attitude toward social not-working, I mean networking, has maintained, but I can promise you that I most likely won’t be doing any ‘live’ Facebooking or Tweeting during the next 3 days.  Instead, I’ll be living in the moment…there’s plenty of time to update my status later…after, well…you get the picture.

There’s a quick update.  There’s more, but I won’t bore you with all the gory details.

Here’s to turning it all off and ‘Living on Snoloha Time’.



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