Thought I’d share a few Twitter and Facebook posts that I got a kick out of.

From Facebook:

I got rear ended today and the lady said she was distracted my the Snoloha sicker on my van!!!!

I love following your business and the way you think! Keep at it…Jeep and Buffett would make great brand partnerships!

For those of you not yet familiar with the best lifestyle clothing brand in the world, Snoloha, here is the link.

From Twitter:

What a memorable company name! @Snoloha: “It’s the lifestyle somewhere between the islands and the Arctic”

My first @snoloha purchase came, just in time for Buffett. Matching tees – BF will love it

(Here’s the photo that was uploaded to accompany this tweet…thanks again Rachel from Girly Drinks. I’ve yet to hear if the BF loved matching shirts though…)



One response

  1. My boyfriend loved the shirts but hated the matching shirts idea. So, we did the only sensible thing there was to do — we rock, paper, scissored for who got to wear the shirt to the concert. He won.

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