I’ve been doing a less than ideal job at keeping up with my regular blog posts…and the social networking, well…don’t even get me started. Not to mention I have a bunch of new products that I need to get on the website because they are not going to go out and sell themselves.

It’s been very busy behind the scenes. Fulfilling summer retailer orders has required a substantial amount of time and once those are completed my attention turns to the fall / winter tradeshow and selling season. And with the addition of an East Coast sales rep showing the brand at numerous trade shows beginning in September, as VP Joe Biden would say, “this is a big f*&#@!g deal”. Plus there are things brewing with Snoloha International and a very important meeting coming up in September that is on my mind and which I need to prepare for.

Oh, and then there’s that whole first baby due in one month. Yea…that requires some attention too.

Am I complaining? No…just being transparent. This is all GREAT stuff. But it’s taken some wind out of my online activities lately. For me, this makes squeezing in a sail, being down on the docks, or having a cold one with friends even more important “Snoloha Moments”. And I just don’t seem to be programmed to capture those moments with my iPhone and posting for all to see…so they they may escape the handcuffs we call mobile devices, but they never leave the file folder in my head where all those other “moments” are stored.

I’m going to work on getting the new product on the site as soon as I can. Retail orders should be complete this week, which will free up some time.

My “web guy” sent me a note yesterday about the new Snoloha.com he’s working on. It was good timing…as I replied to him, I need a kick in the pants. I’ve hit an online information overload point and it’s time to hit the refresh button.

Remember, I’m preaching “escapism” with this brand. It’s carrying a vacation mentality through everyday life. It is enjoying life somewhere between the islands and the arctic.

So once the retail orders are fulfilled and the new product is on the site…I’m thinking an online vacation might be a good way to recharge. Yea…I like that idea. I’ll put some more thought into it…see if I can’t wrap some sort of promo around it.

In case you were wondering, coming to the website are more baby onsies, new toddler t’s, new gals t’s, a new guys t, more hats, margarita glasses, H2O bottles and can koozies…oh my.



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