When I first launched Snoloha, my sister (and others) kept bugging me to offer baby clothes. I didn’t understand what the big deal was. Eventually, I caved. And to my surprise, the baby stuff sold really well.

We have our first baby due in mid-July…and I now understand why she (and others) kept bugging me. People like to buy baby clothes, simple as that. Heck, I’ve already bought her a Life is Good shirt, a Detroit Tigers jacket and a University of Michigan girly outfit of some sort. It’s a weird, sort of fun addiction that I never quite understood until now.

There still needs to be a much better selection (and there will be), but for now there are new Snoloha Baby onsies available on the site. And for those who live near, or will be visiting, Traverse City or Bay Harbor (Michigan) this summer…each Boyne Country Sports store not only will have the onsies, but also rompers and t-shirts.

Here’s Lil’ Adel at Bay Breeze Yacht Charters sporting her Snoloha gear…and her old man hair cut. She’s a very happy baby…I think it’s because she loves her Snoloha gear. Though I guess it could be that she has a very loving mom. But it’s probably because she hasn’t realized yet that her dad is Capt. Dave and she’s doomed as long as he sticks around.



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