One of the lures of being your own boss is the freedom that comes along with it. One of the challenges that comes along with that freedom is focus. I have to believe that most entrepreneurs have a To-Do list a mile long. And in order to accomplish any of the items on that list…you need focus. Throw on top of that running a lifestyle business like Snoloha, along with the temptations (and expectations) of actually living the lifestyle, and there is a constant struggle between freedom and focus.

Accountability is another lure of being your own boss…meaning you don’t have to report to a manager or a department. However, as I’ve learned, there still needs to be some sense of accountability in order to dwindle down that always growing To Do list.

I’ve been toying with a few different ways to be held a little more accountable for my goals of growing this brand, including forming a Snoloha Board (which sounds way to corporate, but we’ll see what happens with that). But I had an “ah-ha” moment recently about this…The Barefoot & Exposed Blog. I’ve always felt that when I type something in this blog, then I must follow through. So for 2010, I’m gonna try and use it to hold myself accountable…and at the same time really keep everyone in the loop with what’s happening behind the scenes. How will this work? I’m not exactly sure yet, but probably consistent updates of some sort. If you want to participate, feel free to contact me via email, Facebook or Twitter.

Oh boy…did I just open a can of worms, or what?!


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