New Year’s resolutions…they are exciting to make, but do we really follow them? It’s the same with business, for me at least. But the thing with Snoloha and this blog is that it’s all documented so there’s a certain amount of accountability that goes with what I say and what I do. Reflecting back on the first post of 2009, I am proud that for the most part I stuck to my plans throughout the year.

I wrote that post while reflecting on 2008 and listening to Kenny Chesney’s “The Life”, while the snow piled up outside my window.

“He said I fish and I play my guitar
I laugh at the bar with my friends
I go home to my wife
I pray every night
I can do it all over again”

This morning, once again the snow is falling and I find myself not so much reflecting on 2009, rather looking forward to 2010 and listening to Jimmy Buffett’s “Jimmy Dreams”.

For the brand, and for me personally, 2010 is going to be a big year, full of changes and growth.

The brand: Snoloha is undergoing a new look thanks to Joe’s great branding design, ALL new products are being released in the coming months, a fresh approach to opening retailers is underway, progress in Europe (including distribution in Germany) will continue, and collaborations with Bay Breeze Yacht Charters are just a few of the things being tackled in 2010. There is plenty more on the To-Do list, but I don’t want to give away all the surprises.

Personally: We are having a summer baby! It’s our first. It’s scary as hell, but equally as exciting. Talk about having a fire under my behind to take this brand to the next level, and a sudden new perspective on…everything.

A little “Jimmy Dreams” for ya. Do me a favor, when reading these lyrics, replace “Jimmy” with your name…it feels good:

Jimmy dreams
He’s a child to the end
What a joy
When you are your best friend
The world’s such a toy
If you just stay a boy
You just spin it again and again

Jimmy flies
With no use for disguise
Just escapes
Using mirrors and capes
And the words do the trick
There is no bigger kick
Than just rhyming again and again

Jimmy stares
Towards the bright Pleiades
It’s so strange
What his distant eye sees
Who knows why you start
Rediscovering your heart
But you do it again and again

I’ve got a number of favorite Buffett lines and verses, and that is one of ’em:

The world’s such a toy
If you just stay a boy
You just spin it again and again

Keep that in mind as we move into a New Year, leaving behind an interesting 2009.


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