You know I love you.  I do.  Many of you are exactly who connect with Snoloha.  Your fun tickets that you spend here are important to our economy.

I simply wanted to let you know that it IS OKAY to take a giant-deep-breath followed by a nice-long-exhale while visiting.  There, doesn’t that feel better?!

You see, when you are vacation, it is acceptable to leave the big city aggression back in the big city.

My wife and I peddled into town over the weekend for an anniversary celebration on West Bay.  We were both very surprised with the  amount of vacation anger that we were witnessing.  There were (angry) words being exchanged by vacation-goers, stink-eyes being delivered, some of the tightest fitting black t-shirts (on dudes) that you could imagine, shoes that in no way can be classified as ‘comfortable or relaxing’, and this overall general feeling of tension.

It’s OKAY to relax while here.  For the most part we are a very friendly, easy-going and laid-back bunch.

Lost?  Just ask.  Confused?  Aren’t we all?!

If you honk and give ‘the finger’ to that driver who you assume is cutting you off…chances are you were in the left-hand turn lane and instead of turning left you proceeded straight through the intersection.  No need for road range.  A simple smile and a waive will do.  What’s the hurry?!

Don’t get me wrong, there were some who knew how to escape and have a good time…the ladies doing the ‘Mom Dance’ were having the time of their lives.  Anytime you see a group of women Mom Dancing together, you can be sure they don’t have a care in the world at that very moment.

If only we all could learn to Mom Dance more often.

I understand, I do.  Most likely you hate your job and are frustrated that in a few short days you’ve gotta go back to it.  You are trying to ‘cram lost years into 5 or 6 days’.  At least according to this article from USA TODAY, “American hate their jobs, even with the perks”:

A little more than half of workers (52%) have a perpetual case of the Mondays — they’re present, but not particularly excited about their job.

The remaining 18% are actively disengaged or, as Gallup CEO Jim Clifton put it in the report, “roam the halls spreading discontent.”

So please, don’t take out your frustrations on fellow vacation-goers, or locals just looking to hang-out.

Deep-breath.  Exhale.

That’s better.

And maybe wear some more relaxing clothes.

After all, you don’t want to end up like this:

‘Steel band in the distance
And their music floats across the bay
While American women in moomoos
Talk about all the things they did today
And their husbands quack about fishing
As they slug those rum drinks down
Discussing who caught what and who sat on his butt
But it’s the only show in town.

They’re tryin’ to drink all the punches
They all may lose their lunches
Tryin’ to cram lost years into five or six days
Seems that blind ambition erased their intuition

Plowin’ straight ahead come what may.”

“Cowboy in the Jungle”, Jimmy Buffett

Here’s to the ‘Mom Dance’.


Snoloha Rod

Here it is, the “Evolution of Mom Dancing”


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  1. ya hit a Homerun with this latest observation, Rod. So , so true ! and the Mom Dance… icing on the cake !!

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