The ultimate escapism plan.  The reason this brand exists.  The beginning of the end for some (in a good way).  The nail in the coffin for others (in a good way).

Yes, the Caribbean.  A temptress drawing us in with her beaches, sailing, palm trees, laid-back limin’ vibe and her ability to completely erase all worries…at least temporarily.

I’ve been very fortunate to embark on several sailing excursions throughout the Virgin Islands, and I also work very closely with Capt. Dave and his crew at Bay Breeze Yacht Charters on a variety of collaborations.

If I were to get into all the gory details of Dave and the crews’ Caribbean experience, this would be one long blog post.  Here’s the short version:

Dave …lived and worked in the Caribbean for a long time, running a charter base, captaining boats and working on boats.

Dave’s wife Kristen…met him while living in the Virgin Islands (she’s from Boston).  She worked on a 90′ catamaran with him.

Paul (aka Pablo)…put it this way, he’s currently on St. Thomas for a few weeks working with the good folks at CYOA Yacht Charters.

Doug (aka Doug-E-Fresh)…he just moved back to Traverse City a couple years ago after captaining boats in the Virgin Islands for…well, I’m not sure…6 years or so I believe (I’ll confirm that).

And then there’s me…not nearly the experience of the Bay Breeze crew, but I’ve been through it enough as a ‘charterer’ to know the drill.

So yes, you have it…the latest collaboration:

If you’ve been dreaming of ‘someday’ chartering the Caribbean’s Virgin Islands, Snoloha is working closely with Bay Breeze Yacht Charters & Sailing School to walk you through the charter process and make this ‘someday’ dream a reality.

Take that first stepfill out the inquiry form on the Caribbean Yacht Charters page, or send me an email.  We’ve got more local knowledge and stories to share than you probably care to hear…but we’re happy to tell ‘em anyway.

Who knows what will happen…you might be inspired to start your own business, or leave the one you work for!

You’ve been warned.



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  1. I wish I was there tonight on Jost Van Dyke
    Sipping on some Foxy’s Firewater rum
    Or kickin’ back with Ivan
    With all my friends down in the islands
    Wouldn’t take much for me to up and run
    To another life somewhere in the sun

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