Why a radio show?  Why not.

Actually, I’m always on the lookout for ways to grow the brand beyond clothing and this just makes sense.  And JimmyPirate from The Shore and I have been working together to promote Snoloha and Trop Rock pretty much since I first launched the brand.

Trop Rock music and Snoloha share more than a few things in common, but the single largest common denominator is ‘ESCAPISM’.

My goal with the Snoloha Radio Show is to simply share music and artists that inspire me creatively, that connect with the brand and that will help you forget about the realities of everyday life for a while.

Am I an expert in Trop Rock music?  Of course not.  I’m just a fan.

Do I secretly wish I could sit on a bar stool with a six string and tell stories through a song?  Damn straight I do.  But I can barely fumble my way through Margaritaville on the guitar that I traded a pair of skis for.

The show is scheduled to debut on Friday night at 8pm.  We will have it available to listen to on-demand in podcast form after the initial airing.  I’ve enjoyed putting this first one together.  I hope the train doesn’t derail too far off the tracks.  If it doesn’t, we are hoping on bringing you a regularly scheduled Snoloha Radio Show.

There’s a player embedded on the The Snoloha Radio Show page where you will be able to tune in and listen to the first show.



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