Story-telling truly is an art form…especially when you set them to music and are able to take people along on your journey.

I don’t have that musical ability.  But I like to think that Snoloha is my story-telling medium.  And this past weekend at Comerica Park for the Jimmy Buffet “Lounging’ at the Lagoon” concert provided the elements for another Snoloha story.

The entire day was what you’d expect from a Buffett show — full of tailgating fun and people escaping reality in exchange for grass skirts and coconut bras.

The show itself was also what you’d expect — Buffett performing many of his well known crowd favorites with a few of the more obscure songs thrown in here and there and a couple guest appearances.

Lionel Richie joined the band on stage and the entire crowd was “dancing their troubles away”.

It was fun.  It was escapism at it’s best.  It reminded me of what I’m working so hard for with Snoloha.

And then…it ended.  Both the show, and the escapism.

As 40,000 happy Parrotheads emptied into the streets of Detroit, there they were…a couple of a$$holes selling t-shirts.  But not just any t-shirts…they were selling the Snoloha Trop Rock T with the Jimmy Buffett concert branding on them, passing them off as Lounging at the Lagoon T’s…out of garbage bags.  Yes, they were selling MY artwork with Buffet’s artwork out of garbage bags for $10 a shirt.  It was obvious that these a$$holes did not have any permits to be selling on the street.

Well, I came unglued.  I was not reflecting the laid-back, relaxed Snoloha vibe.  The obscenities began to fly out of my mouth as I explained (more like screamed) to them what they had done.  I was physically shaking.  Luckily my buddy was there to literally bear hug me, restrain me and try and talk me down.

Of course I realized that this same buddy of mine was WEARING THE ACTUAL TROP ROCK DESIGN THESE GUYS WERE SELLING!  Yes, I pointed that out as well.

I was not able to get any information from them. They wanted nothing to do with me. I’m sure they didn’t think that out of 40,000 people they would run into the guy they stole from, while his friend was wearing the real design.

It was surreal

You can imagine the feeling of more than 5 years of stress and hardwork being ripped off right in front of you, while your friend is wearing the shirt they stole.

Here’s the goal:

If you were at the concert, or know someone at the concert, and you purchased one of these shirts…I WILL BUY IT FROM YOU, or you can have a credit to shop on (email me —

Also…let’s use the power of the internet and social media (the Coconut Telegraph) to get Buffett’s people aware of this.  He’s got WAY more leverage than I do.  Let’s find out who was behind this.  I want all the money they made that night selling this shirt to go to The Wounded Warrior Project.

It’s one thing to be inspired by another’s work, but to blatantly steal it is lazy and pathetic (and illegal).  I understand imitation and flattery and all that crap…and yes, it’s kinda cool that a Snoloha design, out of all the designs that this thief undoubtedly considered, was chosen.

If I could, I would have turned this into a song and sang it to you…but I just don’t have that talent.  Instead, I have this brand…and to me, that’s enough.  I’ll leave the song writing to Buffett.

And the Wino and I know the pains of backbustin’,
Like the farmer knows the pain of his pick-up truck rustin’.
It’s a strange situation, a wild occupation,
Living my life like a song.
~Jimmy Buffett, “The Wino and I Know”

So please…if you attended the show and bought that shirt (pictured below) or if you know of anyone who attended the show pass this along to them.  I’ll get you some ‘Official” Snoloha gear and a big helping of appreciation in return.  And if you’ve got some crazy “Six Degrees of Separation” from Buffett…spread the word.  I’d love to see whoever was behind this have a really bad day when Buffett’s attorneys knock on their door.


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  1. Rod, As someone that has 5 patents and has been copied (read as ripped off) dozens of times I know the frustration you are feeling. However don’t let it eat you up. I’t took me years and many thousands of dollars and much stress and frustration to learn that it’s nearly impossible to stop and even when you do pursue it through legal means the only ones making any money are the attorneys. Do what you can without letting it consume you or you pocket book. I found just making them aware you know usually makes them move on to something else, which I suspect will happen in this case.

    Good luck.

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