The Trop Rock promo has been great, and we are getting ready to ship the first round of orders!  However, this doesn’t mean that the promo is finished.  The Trop Starz & Tiki Barz event is not until July, which means we have all of June to sell more Trop Rock Ts and raise more money for The Wounded Warrior Project.

Remember, you save $5 per Trop Rock T, and we donate $5 per Trop Rock T.  Order yours by clicking on this conveniently located link to the Trop Rock T page.

I’ve enjoyed seeing all the new folks introduced to Snoloha.  Some grab their Trop Rock T and move on, while others have picked up some Snoloha items, and other have stuck around to learn more about Snoloha.  How do I know this?  Big Brother knows everything…OK, so I look at my Google Analytics every once in a while when I feel like getting sleepy from looking at data (my brain doesn’t like looking at graphs and charts and things of this nature, it wants to shut-off).

So a big THANKS to all the customers who have purchased and to Trop Starz & Tiki Barz, The Shore Radio, and the Trop Rock Blog for helping to promote the Snoloha Trop Rock T….we still have a month to go!



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