So I hop onto Google this morning to catch up on some news, and these are the headlines:

  • Porn actor is suspect in Canada case where body dismembered, mailed
  • Jessica Simpson Reveals After-Baby Weight Loss Plan
  • ‘Cannibal’ Attack Linked to Drug Recently Outlawed in Ballwin
  • Jurors in Edwards case to begin 9th day of talks
  • Seattle shooting spree stokes fear
  • Syrian troops shell Houla; UN chief warns Syria
  • Tibetan woman dies after setting herself on fire
  • Suicide Car Bomber Kills 5 in Afghanistan

There were plenty more, of course, but I was depressed after reading these.

This is why we need to turn it all off every once in a while.

I’m not suggesting that we close our eyes and ears and ignore what’s happening in the world (except for Jessica Simpson’s After-Baby Weight Loss Plan…that is ignorable).

What I’m suggesting is that the occasional break from reality (aka ‘Escapism’) is healthy.  Trust me, I’m not a doctor.

Turn it off.  The computer.  The TV.  The mobile device.  The iPad.  Everything.

Get out.  Do something.  Do nothing.  Don’t Tweet it.  Don’t Facebook it.  No ‘checking in’.  Only ‘checking out’.

I gotta go…there’s gotta be something interesting happening with the Kardashians.

Watch this…Kenny Chesney talks about his song “Reality”, which I’m pretty sure he wrote with Snoloha in mind…he just doesn’t know it yet.



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