This is one of my favorite aspects of growing Snoloha…learning how all of you think about the brand ‘in your own words’.

This is from my good buddy and one of Snoloha’s most loyal and passionate customer’s, ‘Seattle Dave’:

The feeling you get being slightly sunburned and tired from a day on the water when you sit back with a beer and your buddies and are truly content. Those times when you would not wish yourself anywhere in the world, but where you are. You smell like suntan lotion and Doritos and can’t stop grinning. The smiles are true and the laughter is easy. You feel complete. It’s powerful stuff. It’s the best thing there is.

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  1. That is absolutely perfect! The only thing (maybe) more perfect than how you describe it, is remembering the times I have actually felt it. Thanks for bringing back amazing memories.

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