I have this ‘list’ of ‘things’ that I’ve been wanting to ‘implement’ for sometime now.  On that list is trying to cut back on using (‘) an apostrophes too much…not really.

What is on the ‘list’ though, is a handful of ‘things’ that involve all of you.  I’m still trying to get my head around how to lay it out in a manner that makes sense, but over the course of the coming days and weeks you will see these ‘things’ being announced.

One of them, that I’m particularly excited about, is an off-the-wall idea that came to me while sitting on a beach in the Caribbean last month.  We shall see how it is embraced (or rejected).

In the meantime, what I do need from you are PHOTOS!  The Snapshots & Scenery contest has been inconsistent, so it’s time to get back into the swing of things with regular winners.  Obviously any photo of you, or someone you know, sporting Snoloha gear is acceptable.  But I’ll also accept photos of your favorite ‘somewhere’…as long as you give a little description of why / how that ‘somewhere’ helps you escape and be L.O.S.T (“Living on Snoloha Time”).  All photos submitted have a chance to win FREE Snoloha gear.

Email ’em to me, or post ’em to Facebook.

Here’s Snoloha Weave (or Ben, depending on how you know him) in Las Vegas.  The note that accompanied the photo said that guitar was filled with beer, and it appears the sticker on his shirt says “I’m so thirsty I could drink an 80 oz guitar.”


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