A big THANKS to Facebook Snoloha Fan, “Sue”, for sharing this great Snoloha-esque photo. I love […]
I’m sure most you are familiar with the Snoloha story, and the connection to St. Thomas, […]
I never know where some of this gear that ships out ends up…it’s always good to […]
When we launched the Take Your Winter Gear to the Beach photo contest, I wasn’t sure […]
Are you a Facebooker?  Really?  Good.  Do you ‘Like’ Snoloha?  If not, you should…it will change […]
Another great photo and note from a Snoloha fan / customer: I have one of your […]
Longtime Snoloha customer and fan, Robert, sent in these great pics and the note: ‘SUP Rod? […]
My good friends, and owners of Bay Breeze, Dave & Kristen Conrad, recently got out of […]
My wife came home recently from her folks and presented me with this great drawing of […]
I’m excited to announce a new collaboration with Salty Life Photography.  Salty Life is owned by […]
I love the fact that when Chris ‘Minker’ in Ann Arbor thinks of “bring the tropics […]
Doug and Lauren continued to grab some great photos of Snoloha gear in it’s second home […]