Snoloha Snapshots & Scenery

A big THANKS to Facebook Snoloha Fan, “Sue”, for sharing this great Snoloha-esque photo. I love the description: One month;  2 seasons;  2 countries; few thousand miles apart!  Sicily/ Banff!!

Snapshots & Scenery

I never know where some of this gear that ships out ends up…it’s always good to get photos to let me know. A custom-painted Snoloha Driftwood sign with a good home out in Utah, and dog sporting the Snoloha Island hat.  

Living on Snoloha Time

Are you a Facebooker?  Really?  Good.  Do you ‘Like’ Snoloha?  If not, you should…it will change your life, or something. It will definitely give you a chance to participate in totally random contests.  Over the weekend, I asked folks to post photos of how they enjoy “LOST” – “Living on Snoloha Time” – for a… Continue reading Living on Snoloha Time

Snoloha, Elmo & Elvis

My good friends, and owners of Bay Breeze, Dave & Kristen Conrad, recently got out of town for a little escapism in Vegas, the Hoover Dam and at the Grand Canyon.  And yes, they took some great blatant Snoloha promo photos.

Art by Callie

My wife came home recently from her folks and presented me with this great drawing of the Snoloha Sailing Yacht (it’s not really a yacht, it just makes me feel good to say ‘yacht’).  It’s from my niece, Callie, who is turning into quite the little artist.  I probably owe her a little Snoloha something…and… Continue reading Art by Callie

Snoloha goes Salty

I’m excited to announce a new collaboration with Salty Life Photography.  Salty Life is owned by a very good Snoloha customer from the early days when I first launched the brand, Christi Corteggiano. Christi and Salty Life share a similar vibe and passion as Snoloha, which is why this collaboration makes sense. The challenges, of… Continue reading Snoloha goes Salty

Bring the tropics to work day

I love the fact that when Chris ‘Minker’ in Ann Arbor thinks of “bring the tropics to work day”, he thinks Snoloha….along with the note “Looked kinda funny carrying her across the snowy parking lot, but well worth it…” Nothing like a little Snoloha escapism during the workday. Thanks again, Minker.

At Home in the VIs

Doug and Lauren continued to grab some great photos of Snoloha gear in it’s second home – the Virgin Islands. Not much to say, except ‘thanks again’ and enjoy.