One of my daily reads is They recently posted an interview with Richard Branson and I particularly enjoyed his answer when asked what a typical day is like for him:

I don’t think I ever have a “typical day.” But when I’m home on Necker Island, I find it is the perfect place for work, play and life. I always wake early — I love that quiet time in the morning. Let’s face it: I have the most beautiful office in the world — a hammock overlooking the British Virgin Islands! A fantastic place for reflection, it sets me up for the day and the surprises that are bound to happen. I come up with more ideas on that hammock than I ever would anywhere else. Plus we are well-positioned from Necker to deal with all the time zones that the Virgin group operates in.

I really dig that answer (and am extremely envious) as it encompasses a few of my favorite things…the Virgin Islands and hammocks. We’ve sailed by Branson’s Necker Island before during one of our sailing escapades, and time in a hammock always spawns ideas…and rest, and maybe a margarita or two.

I found myself laying in the hammock just the other day. I had Savannah with me. It was her first hammock experience. She was completely mesmerized by the colorful leaves that we were staring up at…and before I knew it she slowly and quietly drifted off to sleep. Yep…hammocks are powerful. They make babies fall asleep!

I spent some time in the hammock pictured below at Bolongo Bay (located on St Thomas) during my first Caribbean escape that ended up being part of the motivation and inspiration behind the Snoloha concept. So be careful when you find yourself horizontal in a hammock…you might end up starting a business.

So now if you are thinking you need a hammock…check out Trek Light Gear, who has one of the best slogans I’ve ever heard “Life is better in a hammock”…I think a hammock might be a good addition for the sail boat.


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  1. Chillin’ in a hammock underneath the shade of two palms, a painkiller in my hand. That’s the life!

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