I’ve been wondering what to do with this. With what? With this…

An article from Sailing Magazine forwarded to me from a close friend. I’ve been sitting on it for a couple weeks not sure when and how to incorporate into the blog.

Well, Friday evening we went for a sail aboard the Snoloha yacht (okay, I keep calling it a yacht but it’s only 23′ in length…it makes me feel good to say ‘yacht’). It was a great sail. We had good wind and West Bay was littered with replica schooners from the 1800’s as the Michigan Schooner Festival was underway. Upon returning to the marina and enjoying dinner at the Scott’s Harbor Grill tiki bar…we decided why sleep at home? (my wife and baby were visiting the grand-parents and my buddy “had a pass” for the night)…instead, we untied the dock lines and motored out of the marina to drop anchor by Red 8 (buoy).

There, safely and securely anchored, we sat with a couple of cold ones under a clear star-filled sky while a south wind pointed the bow directly at the lights of Traverse City. This is my favorite way to see Traverse…from the water.

What does this have to do with Snoloha? It’s the escapism element of the brand. It’s the enjoying life “somewhere between the islands and the arctic” element of the brand.

And the quote from Sailing Magazine’s Bill Schanen

We can go sailing. Of all the wonderful things about sailing, the one that gets more wonderful everyday, because the world gets noisier everyday, is that it’s our ticket to escape the clatter, for not only are sailboats quiet, but they can take us to where there is no noise.

That’s one of the many things I enjoy about sailing…getting away from all the noise. That is the escapism part of Snoloha. However it’s also a way that allows me to refocus on the business, the very same business that causes a need for an escape. See the irony? Yes, it’s something I juggle…running and building a lifestyle escapism brand that at the same time is often the cause for my own need to escape. I’ve written about it before here – “Isn’t It Ironic, Don’t Ya Think”.

Yes, it might be time for more sailing.


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