One of my favorite things to do every now and then is to go back and read the feedback and answers that I received when I asked the question: “What does Snoloha mean to you?”

Those answers, in addition to all the great photos that you send in, are an extremely important component to the continued growth of the Snoloha brand. It adds a degree of inspiration that I cannot find on my own. I can preach all day long about what Snoloha means to me and what my vision is for the brand and how I live the lifestyle and on and on and on…but when I see and hear how YOU connect with it and live it, it keeps me motivated even more so than I already am.

For those of you who have not yet sent in your answer (to the question that is bothering me so)…fell free to do so, there might just be something in it for you.

So…what does Snoloha mean to you? Here’s the contact link.

It’s hard to pick a favorite…but one that sticks out and hits the Snoloha concept right on the head went like this:

“Snoloha: It’s a state of mind. It’s knowing that when life gets hectic you can relax with a cocktail on the beach or the ski slope. It’s knowing that we work all week for the weekend. It’s working your tail off so you can get away from it all. It doesn’t matter if that’s on the beaches of St. Thomas, the slopes of Whistler, or the above ground pool in your neighbor’s backyard.”


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