In the post below, I shared some of the new branding that Joe designed. But the branding doesn’t stop there. Snoloha branding is much more than the logo and the collateral materials. The branding goes much deeper than that.

I am the brand (I am also Batman). So whatever I do is a reflection of Snoloha, from my personal Facebook profile to how I scowl when my wife takes me shopping (I need to work on the scowling). Locally, there are people who only know me as the “Snoloha guy”. So if I’m at a local watering hole, yep…I need to remember that I represent the brand. While I’m driving my Jeep with the big sticker on the back window, I have to be mindful of my driving and my singing.

It’s also the presentation at retail and how your package shows up in the mail…and both are undergoing changes.

The feeling a person gets when they see or think “Snoloha” is also branding at work. This is much more difficult to control, since I’ve learned that everybody connects to the brand in their own way. Some people think “Snoloha” and they drift off to a remote beach to relax. Others think “Snoloha” and they are enjoying fresh powder at their favorite ski hill. The commonality, though, is people tend to escape to their favorite place “somewhere between the islands and the arctic”. Escapism is the key.

How Snoloha gives back as a company is also branding at work. Some brands are very discrete, while others work giving back into their business model. Both are fine with me. Giving back, whether it’s public knowledge or not, is the right thing to do. I’m still trying to figure this one out.

How I write, and what I write in this blog is branding at work. There are bound to be typos and grammatical errors…but I’m not too concerned. Snoloha is not an elitist, high-brow brand. A typo here or there goes hand-in-hand with the slacker-friendly, laid-back approach of the brand.

It goes farther than this, but you get the idea. Actually you (yes you) are part of Snoloha’s branding. Think about that.



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