This process of designing a new look for Snoloha has been a ton of fun. I’m super excited (I think the kids say “stoked”) to continue blending the new branding into all elements of the business. Again, the website has a slightly updated look, but this is just my own temporary fix, we are still planning a new look for early 2010.

The retail catalog now has my full attention. If you know of any retailers that are a good Snoloha fit (or you are a retailer)…contact me.

I also wanted to recognize the great work Joe The Designer did for me. Coming up with something that reflects the Snoloha brand is not real simple or straight forward. It’s a made up word that has a fair amount of explanation and meaning behind it!

We were trying to go for something that was laid-back and fun, yet professional and classy…and at the same time incorporated the elements that make up Snoloha (the varying climates and activities that make up this lifestyle we all enjoy).

That was not an easy task.

Joe nailed it with his “layered” idea. After all, there are a number of layers to Snoloha. So moving forward we can switch out images in order to fully capture the essence of Snoloha. The branding will not be static and boring…the logo will always be the same of course, as will the overall look and feel…but the ability to change up imagery is very cool.

This is the new email signature:

Here’s the new Coffee label:

New letterhead, business cards & envelopes:



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