And boy, does it ever get hectic.

I might be a workaholic.  My wife would probably say so anyway.  And who am I to argue with her?!  She and the little one are at the in-laws…I should have been out sailing or paddle boarding or something.  Instead, it’s heading into the night hours and…I’m working.

So when my life takes more than I can give, when it gets hectic, when I’ve worked more than I should have…I escape.  Sometimes it’s deliberate, and planned.  Sometimes, it just happens.  Last weekend I found myself on a little league field hitting fly balls to my nephews.  It was an hour of escapism that I didn’t plan or anticipate.  And reflecting back, it made me realize that Snoloha, for me, continues to take on different forms.  It’s those moments of escapism from the realities of everyday life that are needed every once in a while.

And as much as those moments of escapism are enjoyable, the ultimate reward is returning to the real world…when you have a real world that you truly love, because that’s “what really matters in the end”.

I’m lucky in that aspect…I just work too much (tomorrow though, I am sailing).

My buddy, Jambo Joe Bones, just released a new album, “Buccaneeers, Ballads & Bellyflops”.  

Track #10 is beautiful – “In The End”

Sure I’d love to win that lottery
And build a big old house down by the sea
But I’m rich beyond my dreams
When my little girl says to me
“Daddy your back come play with me”

In the end, that’s what it’s all about
In the end, there’s some things I’ve figured out
There’s no harm in daydreaming now and then
But I know what really matters in the end.


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