With the first Snoloha Radio Show under my belt, and having listened to the replay a couple of times, I have my own critique finished.

I don’t think it was to horrible, but I’ve got a lot of work to do.

The first thing that we are doing is adding more production value to the show, including a new intro and a music bed under talking segments…that will be cool.

As for my performance…

The entire time I was working on this show all I kept hearing were the voices in my head of the Communications instructors from U of M (Flint campus.  I couldn’t afford Ann Arbor, but I did have the grades, damn it.  Yes, this is a sore subject).  Anyway, while at U of M I majored in Communications, just like every other college kid who really has no idea what the hell they want to do with their life.  Every class I took, from public speaking to radio broadcasting, I always, ALWAYS, heard the same feedback from the instructors — SLOW DOWN!

So I kept telling myself to SLOW DOWN.  Well, I think I went too slow.  And I have to work on annunciating certain words better.  I sound drunk when stringing ‘Trop Rock’ together in a sentence.  For some reason, it trips me up…and the entire subject matter of the show is Trop Rock.

I concentrated on slowing down, which I think impacted the energy level in my voice.  So my goal with the next show, is working on the tempo and energy while talking.

So I have to manage the communications instructors voices in my head, with the already present voices in my head.  That’s A LOT of voices.

Thanks for the kind notes that I’ve received.  It’s never fun listening to your own voice, and it’s always a bit scary ‘putting yoursef out there’ for the world to arm chair quarterback.  But what else am I suppose to do…sit here and wait for something to happen?

Yea right.



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