My wife’s birthday was this past weekend.  I decided to take the morning and spend some daddy / daughter time shopping for mommy’s birthday present.  I had a very specific item in mind.

As we started out on our adventure, I was quickly reminded why I don’t like shopping…too many people, too many lines.  It was really busy in town.  As we moved from one store to the next, with a toy store or two in between, I started to get nervous because I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

I also began to notice the Christmas music and decor playing at each of these stores, and started thinking about the article I read about retailers launching their ‘Black Friday’ sales on Thanksgiving Day, and about the TV commercials running before Halloween that had a Christmas shopping theme to them.

It’s crazy how early the holiday shopping season promo begins these days.

So I’ve decided to step it up a notch.  Starting today I’m promoting Christmas 2013.  Take that major retailers who really dumb down the whole holiday spirit, in my opinion.

Somehow we managed to drag ourselves to our SEVENTH store to find mommy’s birthday present.  I’m not sure who was more tired and grumpy at this point.

I was still hopeful that this particular retailer would have what I was looking for.  It was first on my list, but I was trying all I could to avoid the big box in favor of a downtown local merchant.  So I visited this store last, confident I’d come away victorious.


They didn’t have it.  And at this point in the day it was either buy something or go home empty handed.  And that’s when I noticed the kitchen area, and somewhere, somehow, I was able to dig deep into my memory and recall my wife saying “I really could use a wok.”

So yes, I bought my wife a wok for her birthday.

It may possibly be the worst gift I have ever given her.  And what my memory recalled is being debated.

I’m pretty sure we will be taking advantage of the return policy.

You should take advantage of my Christmas 2013 promo FREE SHIPPING on ALL orders!


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