Growing up, I hunted a little.  The most recent hunting trip for me, I was in my early 20’s.  I went with my dad and uncle…mostly just to please dad.  After they showed me ‘my spot’ and tramped through the snow to their respective blinds, I was left to my own devices.  I should have loaded my gun, got comfy and remained alert for the unsuspecting deer that would become venison in the freezer.

Instead…I popped in the ear buds, kicked up my feet, closed my eyes and fell asleep listening to Jimmy Buffett.

Time passed.  I awoke.  And waited.  Eventually my dad and uncle came back for me, thankfully.  They asked about the fresh deer tracks right in front of ‘my spot’.  Yes, that unsuspecting walking venison walked right on by a sleeping hunter with an unloaded gun.

For the record…if the gun was loaded and I was awake, I would not have been able to pull the trigger, I’m quite certain.  And for the record, I LOVE venison.

This past weekend, I was successful in my hunt.

It was a long walk along the beach, with high winds out of the south blowing in my face, the sun shining down on my shoulders, waves crashing ashore, sand between my toes, and sweat rolling down my forehead from the warm summer temps…but even through these extreme hunting elements, I was able to successfully capture and deliver home my prey…driftwood.

The sandy shore of Sturgeon Bay, Michigan, once again delivered a treasure trove of driftwood.  I believe those fellas on “American Pickers” call it a “honey hole”.

It’s a tough job, walking down a gorgeous beach to find driftwood for Snoloha signs, but I do it all for you.


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