How’s that for a catchy blog post title?

Occasionally, as you know, I’ll write about Trop Rock music (Jim Hoehn, The Boat Drunks, Pirate Dreams, Homemade Wine).

Through this entire process of building Snoloha (and through life in general), music has always played a very important role…as it does in most people’s lives.

Trop Rock music and Snoloha go together like Dos Equis and “The Most Interesting Man in the World” (Sharks have a week dedicated to him.)

Trop Rock and Snoloha both convey a sense of escapism and an emotional connection.

Recently, I was introduced to Swim Skinny, a singer / songwriter based out of Indiana.  Though he has been labeled “Trop Rock”, Swim Skinny calls it  “Americana”.  Either way, I highly recommend checking out his new album “Naked & Wet”.

I’ve not been able to stop listening.  There are tracks that rival anything you’ve heard by Buffett and Chesney, including some with this great Islandy Snoloha feel, mixed in with a few ‘innocently naughty’ tracks that make a grown man (or woman) smile, along with beautifully written acoustic tunes.  “Too Drunk to See Jimmy” is a fun song that resonates with anyone who has been to a Buffett concert.

Go here for a complete track list, and to listen and purchase.

I have a handful of favorites, but the one song that for some reason hits me hardest, and gives me a feeling of being comfortably introspective,  is called “Resume”.  The line “I’m a walking contradiction of my success and my ambition” is a perfect explanation of what it’s like owning and growing a relaxed, laid-back, escapism brand like Snoloha.  I inquired about that song, letting him know how much it connected with me, and I learned the he wrote the song after putting together a resume for his Company and thinking that resume was total bullshit, that he wanted to say the truth for once….and there you have it, a 44 year old guy coming to grips with his place in the world….realizing he has lost the fire, but understanding his experience and vision of reality is worth something.

It’s powerful stuff.  It’s good stuff.

I’d bought ’em all…but you must listen to:

  • Resume
  • Ocean Blue
  • Booyah
  • Back to Belize
  • On The Hook
  • Beachnik Hippie
  • That’s What She Said



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  1. Thanks Rod….you have impeccable taste from THIS songwriter’s point of view….not everyone “takes the time”!! Thank you brother, Swimmy

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