If you’re not familiar with Hugh MacLeod, you should be.  I’ve been a fan of Hugh’s work for a while now…in fact I’m currently re-reading his book “Ignore Everybody” and way back in 2006 after that horrible office job ended and I focused my efforts on Snoloha, Hugh posted my “I’m My only Boss, and My Boss is not an Idiot” Manifesto”.  I still like number 5: “8-5 with weekend and holidays off!  Means nothing if at 5:01 and on wee­kends and holi­days you feel like a pri­so­ner who has been freed, only to know that you must return soon”

I particularly enjoyed one of Hugh’s most recent pieces – “You Cannot Have It All”.

This is an excellent reminder of staying focused…and not casting too wide of a net.  I’ve traveled down that road before and it’s a long road that is really easy to get lost on.  In fact, in some ways, I’m still getting back on track after traveling a little too far down that road.  Steve Jobs had razor sharp focus.  I wish I had more of that.  My mind races from one idea to the next and I’ll overwhelm myself with things ‘to-do’.

For me, in addition to reading Hugh and Seth Godin, and studying what Jimmy Buffett and Howard Stern have done (the similarities are endless, and someday I want to write an extensive marketing and branding piece on Buffett and Stern…but not now, I’m trying to focus)…back on track – for me, what helps to stay focused in hearing from YOU.  Yes, YOU.  Dollars in the good ole bank account is an obvious necessity to survive, but to make all the hard-work, sleepless nights and stress worth it and fulfilling…at the end of the day, it’s knowing that Snoloha resonates with folks.  That people can ‘feel’ it.

Here’s the deal – if you’ve read this far, you’re either really bored and just “Wasting Away Again in InternetVille”, or you have an interest in this brand and it’s story.

So tell me your story.  Tell me WHY you love (or hate…or just sorta like) Snoloha.  What is it about this brand that keeps you coming back?  What does it mean to you?

Sure, I’ve asked these questions before.  But I know there are plenty of you out there that have not yet shared your thoughts, and for those that have…share ’em again!  Now’s your chance.  And depending on the response…I’ll be choosing a random winner (or winners) drawn out of a conch shell that sits on my desk and they’ll receive a $20.00 credit to shop on the website, along with a Snoloha t-shirt.  Deadline to enter?  I dunno…how about the end of the week?

Email me rod@snoloha.com



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