Trop Rock is Back, Baby (UPDATED).

So one of my favorite designs has always been Trop Rock.  I love the artwork.  I first released this a few years back, when Snoloha was still just a baby.  It has a much different feel and theme than all the other Snoloha designs…where’s the snow?  It’s a purely tropical design.  It doesn’t truly fit the concept.  I wouldn’t normally release a design like this, except the difference here is the Trop Rock / Jimmy Buffett crowd really dig Snoloha, and the ‘escapism’ mentality.  Snoloha and Trop Rock music are a perfect match.  People enjoy this style of music because it is a mental escape from the realities of everyday life…the same reason they enjoy Snoloha.

So….Trop Rock is back, baby…and we are raising some money for a great cause.

These will start shipping toward the end of MayOrder yours today with the promo code “wnyshore” and save $5.00.  Then take that $5.00 savings and invest in some lotto tickets, or a yummy Subway sub, or buy yourself a gallon of gas.

Now here’s the REALLY cool part. Not only do you get a cool shirt and save a little scratch on it, for every shirt that’s sold we’ll also donate $5 to The Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that provides programs and services to severely injured service members during the time between active duty and transition to civilian life.

These are relaxed fit, unisex sized, 100% pre-shrunk cotton t-shirts.  We didn’t over-think this one…just a nice comfortable t-shirt to wear to a Buffett show, on the boat, tossed on the beach, laying in a hammock or just relaxing in the backyard with friends and family.

ATTENTION LADIES!  If you’d like a WOMEN’S SPECIFIC CUT, during the checkout process simply type in the comments section WOMEN’S CUT, and that’s what you will get.  It’ll be a white, 100% pre-shrunk cotton women’s t.

And for some great Trop Rock info, check out my buddy JimmyPirate over at and the good folks over at the Trop Rock Blog.


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