One of my New Year’s resolutions was to have a better attitude toward social-notworking…I mean social-networking.  Well, as with most resolutions that people make, I’m pretty much failing.

  • Facebook, for Snoloha…yeah I get it.  It works, and I’ll still use it.  I like the connection with customers.
  • Linkedin…I actually don’t mind.  I use it for more industry type of connections.
  • Twitter…I’m hanging on by a thread.
  • Google+…that place is a ghost town.
  • Tumblr…eh, I kinda like it, but I can’t keep up.
  • Pinterest…I’ve already lost interest.
  • Who knows what’s next…

Part of me wants to walk away from it all.  I constantly struggle with walking that line of growing an escapism brand that promotes turning it all off, and in the next breath promotes the brand via the same social networking nonsense that I’m saying to turn off.

I have this fantasy that becomes the kind of website that everybody wants to visit, because it’s off the beaten path and not the easiest to find (my SEO friends are cringing in their chairs, I can feel it).  Everyone wants to go there, because it’s so hard to get there…and once you get there, you can’t stop telling everyone that you went there.  Yes, just like some of our favorite spots in the Caribbean.  Those hidden treasures that you seek out because of the stories you’ve heard.  And when you leave, to go back to reality, you’ve just gotta bring back a t-shirt or a hat…or a $10 coozie (yes, they get $10 for coozies).

But I know the reality is that these damn social-networking sites seem to be sticking around.  So walking away might not be the best business decision…but I’ll still fantasize.

However…perhaps what I should consider is a Snoloha Online Brand Ambassador.  This person (or persons) would actively engage in all these social networking sites on Snoloha’s behalf.  In exchange…Free Snoloha gear, and the prestige of being featured on the website, and of course that powerful title of “Snoloha Online Brand Ambassador”.

Interested?  Shoot me a note.

At this point, this is still just an idea, but depending on the response and interest…maybe it’ll come to fruition (yes, I said ‘fruition’).

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