I was contacted recently by a licensing agent who works with the largest licensing company in the world.  They manage over $7 billion dollars in revenue per year!  Yes, I said ‘billion’.

Now don’t get too excited, because I’m pretty sure Snoloha is WAY too small at this point, but being contacted by someone in that industry who is “intrigued by Snoloha’s potential” sure does feel good and confirms a lot of things that I’ve been working on and the vision that I have.

There’s a great quote (that I can’t remember where I found it) that says:

Paint the picture before anyone can see it. Never lose sight of what makes you meaningful to customers and convey this as concretely and tangibly as possible. Lastly, while it’s important to adapt to changing market conditions, a successful company must have the resolve to focus where focus is needed and not be swayed from its big picture goals.

Painting the picture before anyone can see it…that pretty much sums it up.  In my head, that picture is as crystal clear as the Caribbean waters of White Bay, Tortola (British Virgin Islands).  Yet, it’s not been fully shared with the world…yet.

Snoloha Licensing… if you want to learn more, here ya go.



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