It’s been a bit of a stressful roller-coaster ride with this new website. What we had anticipated to be a fairly quick turn-around ended up taking MUCH longer than I had hoped. But, it’s done…kind of. There are still some products to add and content to include, but for the most part it’s done, I’d say 92.5% finished.

It’s no secret that I have a love / hate relationship with the internet and social media. So, yes, you will see all the fancy schmancy social networking icons over to the right. Go ahead and click ’em to connect. I’m still not sure about Google+. I’m kinda diggin’ Tumblr though…great way to share photos and quotes.

I’ve gotta get the International section of the site fixed up. Yes, we are still growing ‘across the pond’ and this new site will be an integral component to those growth and marketing efforts.

And then there is the Unsalted Sailing gear. I know there are some waiting to buy gear, and that will also be available on the site real soon.

I’ve been a little behind with blogging, partly because I was bobbing around the Caribbean on a sailboat for a while, but also because I was buying time for this new site to launch.

So…let me know what you think. Place an order. Tell me if something is broken. Tell everyone you know. Do a little Christmas shopping. Send me a Snapshots & Scenery photo. Or…just ignore me and go about your day.

‘Tis the season…



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