I’ve been patiently waiting for my website to let me know the status of it’s offline vacation. It hasn’t returned any voicemails, and it’s refusing to check Twitter, Facebook and email.

I’m beginning to worry that it decided to “Quit It’s Job, Buy a Ticket, Get a Tan, Fall in Love, Never Return”…yes, that is already a t-shirt. Or, what if, like when I ran off to the Caribbean when I needed an escape from the realities of everyday life…it had an inspiration to start it’s own business!? Think about that! The website that was created from my island escape eventually needs an escape itself only to realize it has a different calling in life and it leaves me.

Just as these worries, and slightly psychotic narratives, started to seem even more of a potential reality…I receive a good old fashioned, coffee-stained photo from my website. The note that accompanied it assured me that everything is fine, the vacation is great, ‘las chicas son hermosas’ and ‘la cerveza está fría’ (the girls are beautiful and the beer is cold).

It wanted me to know that it’s feeling energized and like a new website, and that I won’t even recognize it when it comes back…hence the teaser photo.

I gotta say, as frustrated as the website makes me…I understand all too well where it’s coming from.

As far as a definitive return date….well, it’s looking like later in the week to early next week.




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