I’m sure you’ve all heard, Steve Jobs is stepping down as Apple’s CEO. Seth sums it up nicely .

I’m not a ‘techie’, but I LOVE Mac. Seriously, I am not a techie…my iPhone has had a cracked screen for nearly 2 years, but it works just fine. My laptop is old, but it works fine. I bought a TV for the first time in my life 2 years ago. Before that I used the same old 27″ that was given to me in high school, it works fine.

I’m not a ‘foodie’. I view food as something that goes in my mouth when my brain and stomach tell me I’m hungry.

I’m not a ‘wine person’. When forced to buy wine, I buy based on price and the artwork on the label.

I’m not a ‘beer snob’. I love a good Short’s or Sam Adams, but as my buddy Jimmy D says, “there are 3 kinds of beer – my beer, your beer and free beer.”

There are a lot of things that “I am not”, which ultimately impacts “what Snoloha is”…laid-back and unassuming, carefree and humble.

However there is one thing that “I am”…and that is a “brand snob” (not sure what the correct term is, but we’ll go with snob). I take the Snoloha ‘brand’ very serious and I find myself always observing and critiquing other brands. I can’t help it. it just happens. My wife gets tired of it. I don’t blame her. It’s something I’ve become somewhat obsessed with.

With Mac, in my opinion, you have the ultimate ‘brand’ with Steve Jobs as its visionary.

I’d like to think that I am Snoloha’s Steve Jobs. I have a certain vision in my head for what Snoloha will be (and it’s nothing even close to what it currently is…YET). Without that vision, there’s no reason to be selling t-shirts. If I wanted to make a living selling t-shirts, I’d slap something goofy and simple on a cheap white t-shirt and sell it (maybe a t-shirt that just says ‘t-shirt’). This is about WAY more than a t-shirt. This is WAY more than a ‘lifestyle’. This is a vision. This is a long-term plan to grow an internationally recognized brand that people connect with on an unmeasurable emotional level.

Thanks Mr. Jobs, for the vision. I can only hope people feel the same about me and Snoloha one day.




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