I’m reading through the April edition of Cruising World Magazine, and came across an article with this actual title “From Penguins to Palm Trees”. That sounds like something right of Snoloha’s marketing department…and by department, I mean ‘me’. It’s a wonderful read about a couple’s 2,800 mile Atlantic Ocean journey dodging icebergs from South Georgia (the Antarctic) to the isolated island outpost of St. Helena. St. Helena is one of the most isolated places in the world, located in the South Atlantic Ocean more than 1,200 miles from the nearest major landmass.

The quote that stuck with me after reading this:

“We use to think that anyone who’d sail in cold weather was insane, but now we know we’ll return to the high latitudes.”

After reading Cruising World from cover-to-cover, it was on to the latest edition of Latitudes & Attitudes. I’m not sure why I continued on to the next magazine, my sailing itch had already reached an intense high and there was nothing I could do about it since the boat is still sitting next to the garage. But I did. And the itch only worsened.

I particularly enjoyed the words from the editor, Bob Bitchin (yes that is his name):

“No, in order to live, in order to make the memories that will last the rest of your life, you have to cast off the lines of civilization and take the responsibility for your own destiny. You have to fight the good fight and sail through the storm in order to get that inner glow only a sailor who has danced with Mother Nature can ever know.”

Though I’m not able to scratch this sailing itch today, I am comforted knowing that in 14 days the “Snoloha” will be on it’s mooring ball just 2 blocks down the road.

But what also comforts me are 2 trips planned this year. The first will be in May and involves a 130 mile boat delivery (while sailing at night, which I’m quite excited about). And in November, we’ll be aboard a 45′ catamaran island hopping the British Virgin Islands for a week.

Sailing, for me, is the ultimate escapism. It’s the ultimate way for me to be L.O.S.T. (Living on Snoloha Time). During the winter months, I escape with my snowboard or snowshoes, but from Spring through late Fall / early Winter, sailing is what keeps me sane. Heck, just sitting on the boat can be enough. It’s what helps me deal with the stresses of growing a small business. It’s what allows me to forget about the realities of everyday life every now and then. It’s an amazing way to spend time with family and friends. No crowds, no TVs, no distractions. No internet, no computer, no traffic, no clutter. I love the feeling and sense of quiet while out on the water. I love seeing the commotion and hurried pace of everyday life from the water. I love the anonymity that comes with sailing (which is why ‘checking-in’ on Facebook seems like such a crazy concept to me). However, I am going to try my best to grab photos and share the Snoloha sailing experience as much as I’m comfortable with. But it’s hard for me to think about social networking when I’m enjoying the moment and fully soaking up escapism.

There may not be penguins or palm trees here in northern Michigan, but we are certainly transitioning as well…from snowshoes to no shoes.

Go. Be L.O.S.T. Whether it’s on a boat, in the woods, on a beach, at a tiki bar, or sipping a cup of coffee as the sun rises…forget about the realities of everyday life for a while. Oh, and don’t ‘check-in’ or update your status. It will feel even better.



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