This sale was due to expire today. However, there’s been a slight change in plans.

Our daycare provider is sick, so I have an extra little helper with me by the name of Savannah Jayne. Savannah is very good with people and is extremely entertaining, but her attention to detail, ability to fold t-shirts and computer skills are lacking. She did manage to make an important decision for the day though.

When I placed her Little People Cow and Pig in front of her and asked her to choose the Cow if she wants the sale to end, or the Pig to extend it for the week…she chose the Pig. Then proceeded to try and eat it.

So the 30% sale has been extended until Friday.

As a “thank you” for the Snoloha Name input, the “Moonlighting” color help, and the continued photos and feedback, I thought it was time to offer up a sale before the NEW products are unveiled.

Use the coupon code ilovesnoloha during checkout for 30% OFF EVERYTHING (except coffee).

Shipping is $5.00 flat rate and FREE if you spend more than $40.00.

Limited time only.



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