There’s all kinds of ways to win Snoloha gear, including random Facebook contests and, as most of you know, the Snapshots & Scenery contest…which basically consists of Snoloha photos (with or without Snoloha gear in them). This is an ongoing contest that I don’t see going anywhere anytime soon. All you gotta do is email them to me or post ’em to Facebook.

In addition to Snapshots and Scenery, I’m going to also make the “What does Snoloha mean to you?’ question an ongoing contest. Pretty simple. Just answer that question via email for a chance to win free Snoloha gear.

However, in addition to these I’d like to come up with something new. Currently we have the “Build a SnoMon” contest going, but it’s seasonal and will end fairly soon, so I’d like to come up with something new moving forward and I’d like to ask for your help. So…shoot me some ideas and if it’s something that makes sense for the brand, I’m sure there’s some Snoloha gear in it for you!

I’ve got a couple up my sleeve but wanted to see if there’s something I’ve not yet thought about.

As always, thanks for your feedback.



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  1. Snohla Chill and Thrill Contest.
    Pictures of you participating in an out of the ordinary event and then you chilling.
    Example: A pic of someone rock climbing-then a pic of the end of the day hot tub.
    Example: A pic of you skydiving and then a pic of chilling around the bonfire at the end of the day.
    Example: A pic of you doing some 4 wheeling and thena pic of you chilling in a hammock hung between two jeeps.
    I have more ideas on this jeep thing. I’ll post the contest title on the facebook page. I don’t get facebook at work. Cheers. I’m gonna send you a sponsor request for our “Rock out with your chalk out” event-more on that later.

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