Seattle Dave is a very good Snoloha fan, customer and friend. And he’s been a great source of Snapshots & Scenery pics throughout the years…here’s the most recent, in his own words:

The occasion was no real occasion. We made a rare winter Sunland trip and met some friends, including my buddy Jeff, pictured in Snoloha hoodie with beer. It was a great weekend with the kids and some snow and beer and bacon. Sunland is two and a half hours from Seattle, but is a million miles. It is in eastern Washington, which is largely farm country with rolling hills and sage brush. We are set up on the Columbia River and shoe-horned in a single wide mobile home with a good furnace and dubious plumbing. It is our summer escape, but as evidenced by the photo, works just fine for a winter hideout as well. Cooking bacon and drinking a Keystone light outside at 8:30 in the morning, with the snow blowing, feels pretty damn good, too.



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