In a post the other day (Shirts with Collars?) I mentioned that “the website inventory is pretty bad right now (more on why that is in the next post)”…this is that next post.

Yes, inventory is getting limited and it has been sometime since any new designs and products have been added…including Lil’ Ones gear. There is no shortage of new gear and designs to offer. In fact the design library is quite deep at this point.

So the reason that inventory is stale is actually quite simple…slow growth, unloading some of the older stuff first to make room for the new, and concentrating on ‘off-line’ growth (off-line growth basically means the wholesale / retail side of the bidness).

Growing the brand slow and steady has been my goal, and it’s very easy to lose sight of that while striving to be the brand that I have in mind, yet reminding myself that the great brands I look up to and who have loyal followers (Life is good & Margaritaville are good examples) took years to get to where they are now. Slow growth is also important in order to keep the integrity of the brand in mind and in an effort to keep the expenses of a self-funded business manageable.

Frustrating? Yes. But very important to the long-term sustainability.

Retail growth is extremely important for the brand’s growth and it is requiring and demanding much more of my time, and there are some exciting opportunities in the works as I type this. The website and all online efforts are equally as important, especially from a branding, communication and customer connection perspective.

So yes, new gear is coming…soon! I’m planning on offering a few new guys & gals t’s (“Escape”, Palm Tree Chair Lift, “Living on Snoloha Time”) and new Lil’ Ones gear in the coming weeks, slowly replacing current inventory. In the meantime, please feel free to continue sharing your photos for a chance to win free gear, your answers to the question “What does Snoloha mean to you?” for a chance to win free gear, and take advantage of FREE SHIPPING over $50 ($5 flat rate on everything else) and buy some of the SALE gear that’s left.

So there you have it…more on why that is.


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