There’s been lots happening behind the scenes and online, and now is a good time for an update with where everything stands.

First…these are the results for favorite Definition Series T: Escape, Chill, Enjoy Life, Relax. So, the “Escape” T will be the first to go to print. When? This leads to the second update…

Second…the website is undergoing a complete redesign. Not just a little touch up like we’ve done in the past, but a complete overhaul. This should be done in the next couple of weeks. When the new site launches is when the new “Escape” T will be available.

Third…the new and improved Palm Tree Chair Lift is back from the printer. This is printed on the new ring-spun, pre-laundered t’s that are slowly replacing the others on the site. They will join the new “Escape” T when the new site launches.

Fourth…you may have seen the ladies zip hoodie below that went to the printer. Well, this piece ended up not being very print friendly due to its waffled fabric. So, it may be going to the embroiderer for the SnoFlake Palm Tree. Stay tuned.

Fifth…the Snoloha labels that I was wondering what to do with will be used on the bottom of select shirts like Joe had suggested below. The Flip Flops will happen…eventually.

Sixth…I’m actively pursuing new retail accounts for Snoloha and searching for sales reps as well. If you know of either, let me know.

Seventh...ALL t-shirts are still at $15.00. Shipping is FREE with purchase of $50, anything less is flat rate shipping for $5.00.

There’s plenty more happening and in the works, but this is a pretty good update for now.




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